Document Management

Document Management is an essential component of the WebChart EHR portfolio. With our document management solutions, clients will experience the conveniences of easy chart access, anywhere, anytime, as well as hassle-free interoperability and integrated workflows, intended to streamline operations and communication.

WebChart supports both web-based remote scanning and high-speed scanning for items such as insurance cards or entire charts. WebScan also allows front desk staff to scan information directly into a patient’s record, at the point of encounter, and is designed to automatically index the scanned document using barcode technology.

Documents & Forms :

WebChart comes preloaded with various document types (e.g., Forms, Word, Sketch, Text, etc.). Clients will want to review all preloaded items of the Forms Library, in order to determine which forms will not be needed. Any items not being utilized from the Forms Library can easily be inactivated.

Scanning & Indexing :

WebScan offers unsurpassed scanning and indexing flexibility for any practice or medical records department. Transitioning from a paper-based system to an electronic system is easier with this high-speed scanning tool.

Printing & Print Definitions :

Users can not only print individual documents, but they can also print groups of documents, or definitions. Print definitions provide ways to group many documents, forms, layouts, or the like into a defined print or fax job. These jobs can also be sent as a secure email, or even created as a batch, so that the print definition(s) can be printed or faxed, at a later time.

Imaging :

The ability to access diagnostic radiological images from anywhere has become an absolute necessity. Teleradiology has expanded the virtual workplace into remote locations such as the physician’s home, or even vacation locations. WebChart allows clinicians easy access to view and manipulate DICOM images within the web browser, from anywhere, without the need to install a client application.

WebChart Documentation

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