DICOM Viewer

Most X-Ray images are found within the  chart, under the Test Results chart tab and subtab named Radiology.

Clicking on a specific document found here will open up that image on your WebChart screen. When you click the grayed out printer icon displayed alongside the image, it will automatically batch the image at the top of the screen where you can print or burn to a CD. Additionally, the printer icon located near the image will change colors to denote you have selected to print or burn this image.

The Series [+] button if clicked will open all images for that series on your screen under one another.  Otherwise, you can leave it as is and use the Prev or Next buttons below it to advance through the series of images tied to this document.

The Push section offers different types of pushes to an AE Title that must be set up for your system.  You can choose to push the patient data, the series, or the study then fill out the fields that prompt then click PUSH.

The Enhanced section will open up the enhanced viewer screen.

Users can choose the contrast level in which to batch print a series.

When clicking on the actual image, it will open another window for enhanced viewing. The enhanced viewer screen offers many toolbar options at the top.

The first 2 buttons in the toolbar take you from stage to stage. There may be many frames within each stage.  The next 2 buttons take you through frame by frame of the stage.

The enhanced viewer doesn’t offer the ability to take a view from another doc.id (document) and compare it to a view from a different/separate doc.id (document).

To hang views side by side, they must be in the same series/same document.  You can click the down-arrow to select standard hang options or you can click the [C] button to get to a custom protocol hang option.

An example to see a hang is to search for doc.id 316 in your system (a sample image series in your WebChart system).  To hang images, the document must have more than 1 series.

To get out of the enhanced viewer, click the “Close Window” hyperlink at the top in the toolbar.

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