Sidemenu Thumbtack Feature

On the left sidemenu, at the very bottom, is a small thumbtack icon.

This thumbtack provides a quick way to collapse (hide) the sidemenu, thus expanding the main screen. Otherwise, the pin can be used to keep the sidemenu visible.  When the thumbtack faces down, then it indicates the sidemenu is pinned to be visible and accessible when working in the system.

You can pin or unpin the sidemenu using the thumbtack, and it will remember your preference for the next time you log in.  You can also pin or unpin the thumbtack as many times and as often as you want, while working in WebChart .

When the thumbtack is clicked to indicate hiding, or unpinning, then it will collapse, or hide, the sidemenu.  This means it will allow the main screen to utilize the entire available space.

To select a sidemenu option while the sidemenu is collapsed/hidden, simply click the menu icon at the top-left of the screen.

This will make the sidemenu visible for access.

Once you click the sidemenu option you wish to access, then the sidemenu will collapse again, unless you pin it, using the thumbtack feature.

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