E-Sign Chart Tab

An E-Sign chart tab can be programmed by MIE to display when working in a chart.  An E-sign chart tab is different from the left sidemenu E-Sign module. An E-Sign chart tab will show only your (logged in user) pending e-signs in multi-review format pertaining to that chart only.  If a document from that chart, is pending your e-sign request (logged in user), you can sign the document here and not have to be in the E-Sign module sidemenu tab.  This is just a quick reference of pending E-Sign documents the logged in user is assigned, specific to that chart only.

The logged in provider may be reviewing or seeing the patient that day and this is a quick way of seeing & working on these documents pending signature specific to that chart.  When in the E-Sign chart tab, the WebChart system takes the logged in user right to their pending e-sign request specific to that chart. Since pending e-sign requests for the logged in user display in the Pending tab of E-Sign module and also in this E-Sign chart tab, then once signed, they are taken out of all queues.

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