Un-Request/Unassign an E-Signature

From within the E-Sign sidemenu tab, there is an All Pending tab which displays all pending e-sign requests for the system.  To access the All Pending tab, it requires security permission. It is also helpful to know who the document was requested to and the document id number, or document type and date of service.

In the All Pending tab, it lists all users who have pending e-sign requests assigned to them.  Click on the user that you need to unrequest an e-sign from.

It will list all pending documents that are in that user’s queue to e-sign.  Click the DocID for the pending e-sign request that you want to un-request.

Once in the specific document, click Properties link at the top right side of the document header.

Within the document properties, a Needs Signed By field displays the user whom the e-sign request is pending from.  Next to the displayed user’s name, there is an Un-request link. Click the un-request link to get clear the e-sign request from that user on the document.

After clicking un-request, another step is to confirm to un-request the signature. click un-request signature button to finalize the un-request.

The un-request has been performed and it will display a message as such, while the document properties remains displayed below it.

Un-Request via Document

An un-request can be done via the document properties if you are in the document itself.  This eliminates the method of going through the All Pending queue to find a document. Some instances, a user already knows of the specific document the unrequest needs done on.  In that case, when in the document, click the Properties link found at the top right of the document header.

When in the document properties, the detail of who the document needs signed by is displayed, and you can click un-request to remove the request.

Request different signature on document

When un-requesting using either option described above to un-request, one can request an esign from someone else on the same document.  To request a different e-signature for the same document an un-request was just performed on, click view document from the right side of options in the document properties.

After clicking View Document, the document will open with options at the top right in the document header.  Click Request Signature to request the document be signed by another user.

Proceed to request a signature by following the steps outlined in the Request E-Signature help guide.

If need to un-request all documents in a user’s queue, please refer to the E-Sign All Pending Tab help guide.

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