PACS SpeechMike Driver Utility Setup

To begin, go to START at the bottom left corner of your computer desktop and move your mouse to

ALL PROGRAMS. Next, find and select the program named SpeechMike Driver Utility then another branch will open. Click Control Application to run the Control Application for the SpeechMike Driver Utility.

The Control Utility screen will open. This is where you will make some selections for setup.

Click on Options at the top toolbar, then select Buttons. The Buttons options will branch out. In the Buttons options, select the name of your SpeechMike.

After you have selected your SpeechMike name, click on Options again in the top toolbar.

Then select Auto-Assign.

Notice that the Auto-Assign button is pressed in. Now click on the “Browse” icon. The browse icon is the icon that looks like a yellow folder w/ a magnifying glass on it. It is to the right of Assigned Application field.

After you have clicked browse, find the Internet Explorer program in Local Disk (C: ) -> Program Files -> Internet Explorer. Click Local Disk (C:), then click Program Files, then click Internet Explorer.

When the Internet Explorer folder opens, click on iexplore.exe.

Then, click on the EOL button. This is to assign the button for uploading.

Now you need to assign a Keyboard Input command. For example hold the Alt key down with U.

Make sure this combination doesn’t already exist in your program.

Internet explorer is already using Alt + F, Alt + E, Alt + V, Alt + T, Alt + H.

The “Dictation” layout or any other layout used here, needs to have the access keys assigned to the buttons for uploading a dictation. When done, click the close button.

When done, click on File from the top toolbar, then click Save.

After you click Save, it will pop open a SAVE AS screen in the Driver Utility.

Type in the File name field Webchart.scm to save as Webchart.scm.

Make sure Save as type says Scheme files (.SCM) and click SAVE.

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