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Before learning how to edit or delete or remove Tests or Procedures from an encounter visit, please see other help documentation Tests & Procedures-Adding and Applying  so you are familiar with the Tests & Procedures section (pending Due List items) of the encounter and how procedures are displayed there and/or manually added to an encounter visit.


When you have a specific test or procedure item applied to the encounter and have that procedure item expanded/open in your encounter to complete and document the results of that test, you will see a Remove button.

What this does (if clicked) the “Remove” button for a procedure (or group of procedures) will set the status of each procedure according to the status indicated by the checkboxes. If no boxes are checked for a procedure, the procedure is returned to the due list. The Remove button affects all the procedures in its scope (panel), not just the first.

It removes that individual procedure item section and returns it to the due list according to status/checkbox if was marked. It does not “delete” the procedure from the patient’s record. There is a difference between “Remove” feature and “Delete” functionality. Delete is described below in subsequent pages of this help document. Remove simply means you had marked to apply it to be done at today’s visit, but perhaps changed your mind, or the machine broke down and you cannot perform it today. It will remove it from “today’s” encounter visit to be performed, but places it back up in the Tests & Procedures summary in the specific section that reflects if it’s still to be “pending”, or repeat, or if marked as declined (checkbox), then clicked Remove button, it would remove it and mark it as such in the patient’s record which you can see via the separate chart tab named Due List. It wouldn’t show as a pending procedure to be done in today’s encounter you are working in.


There is the ability to completely delete a procedure item off of the pending due list when working in an encounter. Simply checkmark the specific item(s) and then clicking the Set Deleted button.

When you click the Set Deleted button for a specific selected procedure item(s) in the Tests & Procedures section, and the system saves your work, refreshes the encounter, opens you back up to the expanded Tests & Procedures section and that item(s) is removed from the pending due list. It has marked it with today’s date as ‘deleted’ in the background.

You have visibility to that back in the Due List Chart Tab in the Past Items section when expanded.


One cannot edit pending due list items from an encounter Tests & Procedures section. You have to go to the chart tab named ‘Due List’ and in the Pending Items section, you would select the specific pending due list item(s) that needed editing and then click either the Edit and Leave Pending button or Edit and Complete button.

Edit only allows you to edit the due date on the pending due list item or the comments on it.

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