Health Surveillance Panels - Add Memberships Manually

Users must have security access to be in Health Surveillance Management control tab. On the sidemenu tab, click the CONTROL tab. Once in the Control tab, click the HEALTH SURVEILLANCE tab listed in the menu of tabs (or in your system it may be called Health Surveillance).

The listing of current Panels will display on the screen under the Panel Search fields.

Add Memberships Individually and Manually via Panel

You can add individual employee’s to specific memberships if needed. Use adding memberships manually cautiously as this puts them in as “explicit” memberships into the panel(s).

To add a manual membership for an employee/patient chart to a panel, go to Control tab→Health Surveillance tab→ Membership hyperlink in the options column of the specific individual panel needed.

Click the Add Explicit Membership hyperlink at the top.

Individually add explicit members to panels manually one at a time using this screen. First select the employee chart name, then type in a reason for adding this employee to the panel, then select what type of membership it is (include or exclude) and most usually keep the trigger entry/exit actions checkmarked if you wish to trigger those as soon as you submit the screen to add the employee to this panel. Any panel action items will then trigger on their due list. You can add multiple charts using the employee auto-complete field to build and do more than one chart at a time for the same panel, reason and type.

Since you are manually placing an employee into a panel, this puts them in as explicit membership to that panel you are in.

Placing employees as members into a specific panel in this screen is the same as going into the employee’s Panel Membership Overview chart tab to put them into a panel.  You can put employees manually individually into panel(s) using either method.

Add Memberships Individually and Manually via Chart

While working in an employee’s chart, you can add them to be a member of a panel. Making employee’s members of panels in this manual method will put them in as explicit membership and is therefore membership is manually to be maintained from that point on, so please be cautious. While in the employee’s chart, go to Health Surveillance chart tab and the Panel Membership Overview subtab.

First view the current panel membership section for the employee to make sure they are already not a member of the panel you need to make them a member of. To add them to a panel, in the Add Panel drop-down, select the panel they need to be a member of. Then click the SUBMIT button.

It will refresh and then show that panel alphabetically as a column in the employee’s current panel membership section. If you need to add membership (for this employee chart) to other panels, you can select another panel from the add panel drop-down and click Submit. The SUBMIT button only puts the selected panel into the current panel membership section but isn’t saved, not applied as a member or anything until next steps.

When done selecting the panel(s) the employee needs added to, you then checkmark each panel the employee should be in. Check off each panel the employee should belong in. Again, indicating membership in this manual method will put them in as explicit memberships.

When you indicate an employee chart should be a member of a panel using the manual checkmark membership method from here, a CHANGE REASON box will appear.

This is where you type in the reason for changing or adding an employee to panels. The ‘change reason’ field can be configured to be a required field on a system. Nothing is saved or applied until you click the SUBMIT button at the very bottom of the screen.

Once you do indicate (by checkmarking) that an employee’s chart should be a member of a panel(s) using this method, after the final SUBMIT button at the bottom of the screen is clicked, the panel’s action items are evaluated on the employee’s chart. The specific panel action items (according to criteria programmed on them) will trigger on the employee’s Due List as soon as you have made them a member of a panel(s) and clicked the final SUBMIT button. Essentially, the SUBMIT button acts as a force/evaluate panel order items all in one step. You can go the employee’s View Due List chart tab to see the action items that triggered according to the panel(s) you just manually made them a member of.

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