E-Refills - E-Scripts Tab

  • New Scripts – Sent: Shows all the scripts that were transmitted successfully.
  • New Scripts – Error: Shows any scripts that have an error. Sometimes the error message makes sense, others are blank. Would need to contact George at MIE if need specifics on one.
  • New Scripts-Pending Pharmacy Verification: That means the pharmacy system never sent us an acknowledgment that they received the message.  Some pharmacies send an acknowledgment as an immediate reply, and others reply instead with a message that is essentially an IOU, that they promise they’ll send us a message later telling us that they got it, or a message that there was an error.  When things show in this list for a long time, that means those pharmacies broke their promise, basically.  In these cases, the prescriber cannot be 100% sure that the script was delivered.

WebChart handles on a script by script basis.  If we think we sent it, George at MIE can look up the message ID in the SureScripts admin console, and then we can see if it arrived at the Surescripts gateway correctly.  At that point we can tell our clients that we did everything right and it is either a problem with the pharmacy’s software vendor, or a training issue at the pharmacy.  If the client wants to push it further (especially if there is a pharmacy that is a repeat offender), we can open a Surescripts case and list an example message ID that we show as sending that the pharmacy says they never got.

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