AHE 1 - Engagement of New Medicaid Patients and Follow-up

Activity Weighting: High
Subcategory Name: Achieving Health Equity
Description: Seeing new and follow-up Medicaid patients in a timely manner, including individuals dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare. A timely manner is defined as within 10 business days for this activity.

Supporting Documentation

  1. Timely Appointments for Medicaid and Dually Eligible Medicaid/Medicare Patients- Statistics from certified EHR or scheduling system (may be manual) on time from request for appointment to first appointment offered or appointment made by type of visit for Medicaid and dual eligible patients; and
  2. Appointment Improvement Activities-Assessment of new and follow-up visit appointment statistics to identify and implement improvement activities

2018 Improvement Activities Requirements
2019 Improvement Activities Requirements
2018 MIPS Improvement Activities Fact Sheet
Scores for Improvement Activities for MIPS APMs in the 2018 Performance Period Fact Sheet

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