PSPA 30 - PCI Bleeding Campaign

Activity Weighting: High
Subcategory Name: Patient Safety and Practice Assessment
Description: Participation in the PCI Bleeding Campaign which is a national quality improvement program that provides infrastructure for a learning network and offers evidence-based resources and tools to reduce avoidable bleeding associated with patients who receive a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). The program uses a patient-centered and team-based approach, leveraging evidence-based best practices to improve care for PCI patients by implementing quality improvement strategies:

  • Radial-artery access,
  • Bivalirudin, and
  • Use of vascular closure devices

Supporting Documentation
Documentation of participation in the PCI Bleeding Campaign.

2018 Improvement Activities Requirements
2019 Improvement Activities Requirements
2018 MIPS Improvement Activities Fact Sheet
Scores for Improvement Activities for MIPS APMs in the 2018 Performance Period Fact Sheet

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