System Administration

The System Administration module is designed to help practices control and monitor what happens behind the scenes of their EHR. With it comes essential tools for managing and overseeing user access, system setup, and general operations of the WebChart system.

System Controls :

System administrators can control access to the various components of the system, as well as user abilities, such as adding/modifying data, prescribing medications, or documenting exams, for example.

Data Migration :

Data migration is a process used for a variety of things, such as application migration, equipment replacement, system upgrades, or maintenance, just to name a few. The following resources have been designed to assist users in understanding the appropriate workflows for the available data migration functionalities within the WebChart system.

Interfaces :

We at WebChart understand the importance of being connected and integrated. That’s why we focus on interoperability. With the WebChart system, interfacing with a device, a practice management system, or even a custom HL7 interface, is not a big deal. Check out our interface documentation to see how to use yours, today.

Security :

Today, security is an important part of every type of integrated software. Here, users can review the available security documentation, and system administrators can set up and configure security roles, settings, and login standards, as appropriate.

Asset Management :

The Asset Management module tracks equipment assigned to users, including warranty information, maintenance requests, and calibration requirements. The module creates and tracks work orders and calibration requests, and automates notifications for calibration, service agreements, warranties, insurance policies, and the like.

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