Appointments Import

This wiki page is to document how appointment data needs to be constructed in order to import using WebChart’s Schedule Import Tool.

  • File format: Data file shall be formated in Comma Separated Values (CSV).
  • The first row of the file shall contain column header information.
  • Each subsequent row shall represent an appointment.

Column Definition

The appointment column definition shall contain all columns listed below regardless if there is a value or not.

  • R = Required
  • R* = Only one of these is required
  • O = Optional
Name Type Required Comments
patient.partition char 15 O MRN group partition
patient.MRN char 50 O chart identifier, a Medical Record Number
sched.Resource int 10 unsigned R Id of resource patient will see (the import tool limits the appointment to one resource)
sched.Start Date datetime R Date and time the appointment starts (YYYYMMDD HHMMSS)
sched.End Date datetime R* Date and time the appointment ends (YYYYMMDD HHMMSS)
sched.Due Date datetime O Date and time the appointment must be completed by (YYYYMMDD HHMMSS)
sched.Duration int 10 unsigned R* Duration of the appointment in seconds
sched.Reason mediumtext O The reason for the appointment (EG: patient's cheif complaint)
sched.Location char 10 O Where the location takes place; can be a code (EG: OFFICE) or the description (EG: Office)
sched.Type1 char 15 O Type of appointment; EG: Office Visit Established, Procedure, Well Child Exam
sched.Type2 char 75 O Type of appointment
sched.Type3 int 5 O Type of appointment
sched.Type4 int 10 O Type of appointment
sched.Comment mediumtext O General appointment comments/notes
sched.Canceled int 10 unsigned O Flags appointment as cancelled; 0=not cancelled; 1=cancelled; 2=patient did not show
sched.Cancel Code char 10 O Reason why the appointment was cancelled; EG: No Show, Patient Cancelled
sched.Cancel Date datetime O Date that the appointment was canceled. (YYYYMMDD HHMMSS)
sched.Confirmed int 10 unsigned O 0 (no) or 1 (yes) to indicate whether or not the appointment has been confirmed with the patient
sched.Confirm User int 11 unsigned O ID of the user who confirmed the appointment
sched.Confirm Date datetime O Date that the appointment was confirmed. (YYYYMMDD HHMMSS)
sched.Contact char 30 O Field for the name of the provider who called in the appointment
sched.Contact Number char 30 O Field for the phone number of contact who called in the appointment

Sample CSV files

Here are sample CSV files to download and view in a text editor or a spreadsheet program.

1 Basic appointment - File:Schedulesample1.csv

1 Mulitple appointments - File:Schedulesample2.csv

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