Chart Observations Import Options

The following options are allowed. Any other options are unsupported and will be rejected.

Insert Options


Blank Options


Distinct Options


Default Options

For most observation records, the default options are INSERT, IGNORE_BLANK, and ALLOW_DUPS.


The following scenario provides examples of each type of processing possible for PUR import.

Initial Data

We will start with the contents of File:GenericImportTestOBS A.csv.

@patient_mrns.MR,patients.first_name,patients.last_name,patients.birth_date,UPDATE IGNORE_BLANK DISTINCT @obs.Race.obs_result,INSERT @obs.RBC.1.obs_result,INSERT @obs.RBC.2.obs_result,UPDATE ALLOW_BLANK DISTINCT level 1.obs_result,UPDATE ALLOW_BLANK DISTINCT level 2.obs_result,DELETE_THEN_INSERT @obs.myObs1.1.obs_result,@obs.myObs1.2.obs_result,UPDATE DELETE_BLANK @obs.myObs2.obs_result 1111,Test1,Employee,01/01/2001,R5,3.9,4.2,A,,25,23,Normal 2222,Test2,Employee,02/02/2002,R5,4.24,4.87,B,E,13,14,Low 3333,Test3,Employee,03/03/2003,R5,5.14,4.82,C,F,14,10,Normal 4444,Test4,Employee,04/04/2004,R5,6,5.91,D,G,76,70,Normal 5555,Test5,Employee,05/05/2005,R5,4.98,4.99,,H,27,30,High

After this file is loaded:

  • Each of the patients has a race of R5.
  • Each of the patients has two RBC results.
  • Each of the patients has an org level 1 entry, but Test5 has no result for it.
  • Each of the patients has an org level 2 entry, but Test1 has no result for it.
  • Each of the patients has two myObs1 results.
  • Each of the patients has a myObs2 result.

Import Updated Data

The data will be changed by importing another file File:GenericImportTestOBS B.csv.

@patient_mrns.MR,patients.first_name,patients.last_name,patients.birth_date,UPDATE IGNORE_BLANK DISTINCT @obs.Race.obs_result,@obs.Race.observed_datetime,INSERT @obs.RBC.1.obs_result,@obs.RBC.1.observed_datetime,INSERT @obs.RBC.2.obs_result,@obs.RBC.2.observed_datetime,UPDATE ALLOW_BLANK DISTINCT level 1.obs_result, level 1.observed_datetime,UPDATE ALLOW_BLANK DISTINCT level 2.obs_result, level 2.observed_datetime,DELETE_THEN_INSERT @obs.myObs1.obs_result,@obs.myObs1.observed_datetime,UPDATE DELETE_BLANK @obs.myObs2.obs_result,@obs.myObs2.observed_datetime 1111,Test1,Employee,01/01/2001,R5,1/1/2016,4.11,1/2/2016,4.03,2/2/2016,A,1/1/2016,,1/1/2016,24,1/1/2016,High,1/1/2016 2222,Test2,Employee,02/02/2002,,1/1/2016,4.57,1/2/2016,4.66,2/2/2016,B,1/1/2016,F,1/1/2016,15,1/1/2016,Low,1/1/2016 3333,Test3,Employee,03/03/2003,R5,1/1/2016,5.01,1/2/2016,4.99,2/2/2016,B,1/1/2016,F,1/1/2016,,1/1/2016,Normal,1/1/2016 4444,Test4,Employee,04/04/2004,R1,1/1/2016,5.84,1/2/2016,6.04,2/2/2016,D,1/1/2016,G,1/1/2016,75,1/1/2016,,1/1/2016 5555,Test5,Employee,05/05/2005,R5,1/1/2016,4.9,1/2/2016,5.03,2/2/2016,,1/1/2016,H,1/1/2016,28,1/1/2016,Normal,1/1/2016

Import Logic

The imported file is processed as follows:


  • Test2 is unchanged, because blanks are ignored in this column.
  • Test4 is updated to R1 instead of R5.


  • All of the patients have two new RBC results, in addition to the previous results.

org level 1

  • Test3 is changed to B.

org level 2

  • Test2 is changed to F.


  • All of the existing results are deleted and replaced with the new results (if any).


  • Existing data is replaced with the new data.
  • Test4’s result is deleted.

Chart Data CSV Header Options

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