Chart Relations CSV API

The purpose of this page is to define data and fields that may be imported into MIE systems (i.e., WebChart, Enterprise Health) using the Chart Relations Import.


The abstract that follows should be presented to decision-makers or stakeholders interested in a general explanation of the Chart Relations CSV API. Technical details are provided in the remaining sections.


The Chart Relations CSV API is used to import various relationships between charts; between patients, users, organizations, or other entities.

chart is a patient’s electronic medical information organized in tabular form. A chart is simply a way to collect different information on one topic, just like a physical patient chart would contain a variety of information on an individual patient. A chart can represent a person, organization, or other entity. Chart-to-chart relationships are used by WebChart systems to connect a patient (employee) to another patient (employee), patient population (employee group), or non-employees.

relation type is used to define the type of connection between two charts. See the Relation Types section for more information. CSV refers to the type of file and format of data needed to import information into the WC system. API refers to how the data interacts with the  WC system. See the Import Overview page for a more detailed explanation of terminology.


The following detailed specifications are available for the Chart Relations CSV API:

  • User instructions for importing data.

Column Definitions and Specific Coded Values

Definitions for the columns utilized in the specification information below. Commonly used specific coded values appear on the Data Import Standards page.

High Level: Patient 2 is related to Patient 1 with Relation Type.

  • R = Required
  • O = Optional
Name Type Required Comments
PAT1_PARTITION char R Partition of first patient
PAT1_MRN integer R MR Number of first patient
PAT2_PARTITION char R Partition of second patient
PAT2_MRN integer R MR Number of second patient
RELATION_TYPE_ID integer R Relation type between both patients

Relation Types

The following table outlines default relation types.

Relation Type Relation ID
Self 1
Spouse 2
Parent 3
Grandparent 4
Child 5
Sibling 6
Aunt/Uncle 7
Cousin 8
Mother 9
Father 10
Unknown 11
Grandchild 12
Niece/Nephew 13
Provider 14
Provider Organization 15
Contact 16
[[Relation Type ID]]

These ID numbers vary from system to system, and because of this, a help bubble in the import tool describes the available relation types.


In this example we are using William Hart’s chart to establish a sibling relationship with Jane Doe.

Examples of CSV

Adding a Credentialing Contact (RELATION_TYPE_ID: 20) relationship between two patients (MIE 10019 & MIE 10006)

MIE 10006 is a Credentialing Contact for MIE 10019.


Example file 1

Adding multiple relations between patients:


Example file 2

Data Import Master List

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