Create Health Surveillance File for Import

This document explains how to import your health surveillance data into WebChart .

What you will need:

  • Spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets)
  • Health Surveillance CSV File Example
  • end user with administrative rights

Create Health Surveillance CSV File

  1. The following table provides optional or required Field Names and Descriptions, as indicated by the Requirement column. Items marked as Best Practice or Optional are not required and may be left blank or omitted entirely. Employee ID must be the first column in the CSV file. The order of the remaining fields does not matter.Note Required and Best Practice columns for the Health Surveillance CSV file.
Field NameDescriptionRequirementColumn Header Name
Employee IDEmployee IdentifierRequiredpatient_panel_status.pat_id
External IDRequiredpatient_panel_status.ext_id
Panel IDRequiredpatient_panel_status.panel_id
Surveillance Schedule StatusPossible values:
Test Outcome StatusPossible values:
fitrestrict: Fit with restrictions
failcomply: Failure to comply
Effective DateWhen the status went into effectBest Practicepatient_panel_status.effective_dt
Next DueNext due date for panelBest Practicepatient_panel_status.next_due
Panel Membership Start DateIf a date is provided, this chart will be added as a member to the panel effective the specified start date. If the chart is not an active member of the panel (EG, the record is historical), then no Panel Membership Start Date should be specified.Best Practicepatient_panel_status.pm_start_dt
For a more comprehensive list of supported fields, please refer to the Patient Panel Status CSV API Specification .
  1. Using the table, above, determine the data to be imported. Starting with the Employee ID field, enter all required and desired data, verifying required data is present. Note that each row represents an employee record. Below is a screenshot of the Health Surveillance CSV File Example for guidance.

  1. Save the file as CSV format.

Upload Health Surveillance CSV File

  1. Login as a user with administrator rights.
  2. Navigate to the Control Panel from the side menu.

  1. Select the Data Import tab.

  1. Select Patient Panel Status CSV API from the drop-down menu and click Go.

  1. Select the Health Surveillance CSV File and click Upload.

For extra information on what happens during the import, click the Verbose* checkbox.*



Ensure that all of the fields marked as Required have valid content. The file uploaded must be saved as a CSV formatted file. In case of any errors, contact Technical Support.

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