Create Language Translation File for Import

This document explains how to import your language translation data into  WebChart .

What you will need:

  • Spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets)

WebChart  end user with administrative rights

Create Language Translation Text File

The following table provides optional or required Field Names and Descriptions, as indicated by the Requirement column. The order of the remaining fields does not matter.

**Field Name** **Description** **Requirement** **Column Header Name**
LANGUAGE CODE Code that identifies the language. Examples: sp = Spanish, zh-hans = Simplified Chinese


CONTEXT Used to disambiguate phrases that may need to be translated differently depending on product area. **Optional** CONTEXT
ENGLISH The original English text **Required** ENGLISH
TRANSLATION Translated text **Required** TRANSLATION

In Excel, save the sheet as Unicode Text.  This is important because saving as CSV will NOT work for many languages.

Upload Language Translation Text File

  1. Login as a user with administrator rights.
  2. Navigate to the Control Panel from the side menu.

  1. Select the Data Import tab.

  1. Select the Language Translation CSV API from the drop-down menu and click Go.

  1. Choose Delimiter: (tab), select the Language Translation Text File and click Upload.

Example Files

    • UTF-8 encoded (preferred format for manually constructed files)
    • UTF-16LE encoded (accepted format for export from Excel)



Ensure that all of the fields marked as Required have valid content. The file uploaded must be saved as a Unicode Text formatted, tab delimited file. In case of any errors, contact Technical Support.

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