Fee Schedule Import Tool

This wiki page is to document how fee schedule data needs to be constructed in order to import using WebChart’s Fee Schedule Import Tool.

  • File format: Data file shall be formatted in Comma Separated Values (CSV).
  • The first row of the file shall contain column header information.
  • Each subsequent row shall represent an fee schedule.

Column Definition

The fee schedule column definition shall contain all columns listed below regardless if their is a value or not.

  • R = Required
  • O = Optional
Name Type Required Comments
Fee Schedule Name char 100 R Name of fee schedule
CPT Code char 15 R CPT code to load
Description char 255 R Description of the CPT Code
Amount double(9,2) R Dollar amount for CPT Code (max 9 digits before decimal, 2 digits after, ie 123456789.00)

Examples of CSV

Fee Schedule Example

This example shows how to import multiple cpt codes into 1 fee schedule labeled ‘DEF Biz’.

Fee Schedule Name,CPT Code,Description,Amount DEF Biz,13153,REPAIR WOUND/LESION ADD-ON,$291.00 DEF Biz,15050,SKIN PINCH GRAFT,$751.00 DEF Biz,16000,INITIAL TREATMENT OF BURN(S),$120.00 DEF Biz,16020,TREATMENT OF BURN(S),$143.00 DEF Biz,16025,TREATMENT OF BURN(S),$245.00 DEF Biz,16030,TREATMENT OF BURN(S),$289.00 DEF Biz,17003,"DESTROY LESIONS, 2-14",$22.00 DEF Biz,17110,"DESTRUCT LESION, 1-14",$157.00 DEF Biz,17250,"CHEMICAL CAUTERY, TISSUE",$119.00 DEF Biz,20000,INCISION OF ABSCESS,$325.00 DEF Biz,20005,INCISION OF DEEP ABSCESS,$469.00

Sample CSV files

Here is a sample CSV file to download and view in a text editor or a spreadsheet program.

File:Def fee sched.csv

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