Observations Validation Test Script

This document is intended to describe and assist users with the process to validate discrete observations imported from another system.


  • Compile a list of 8-10 different charts containing individual observations from the legacy/existing system. Ensure the examples include varied complexity and multiple years of data to address potential import discrepancies that could arise.
  • Multiple monitors are recommended to assist with comparing legacy data to the data imported to WebChart .

Data Fields 

Validate the discrete values imported to WebChart , listed in the table below. 

Some charts/records may not have all data elements, and in some circumstances, there may be additional data to validate. Check with the WebChart superuser for details.
**Field Name** **Description** **Example**
Employee ID Employee Identifier MR 12345
Observation Name Name of observation to validate p.work_phone
Observation Result Expected result of observation being validated 8883139766

Validation Instructions (video)

  • Log into the WebChart system.
  • Navigate to the Quick View , and using the portlet, perform a Chart Search for a record from the list of 8-10 charts.
    * Select the preferred search criteria, such as <strong>D.O.B.</strong>, <strong>Name</strong>, or <strong>EMP #</strong> (sometimes referred to as Medical Record Number, or MR#).
  • Type in the appropriate value and click <strong>Search,</strong> or press enter. (For more information and instructions on searching, see Basic Initial System Information or Detailed Searching in E-Chart.)
The number in parenthesis indicates the number of items in each tab.
The date displayed will be the date the data was imported to WebChart , NOT the date the item was recorded in the legacy system.
* Using the [Validation Tracking Template](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FRV_L_J38dhBDi13elXHVJddMuIZy6Sq5P3Viv9IXxE/edit#gid=0), record any discrepancies or differences.
* Take screenshots of each system, highlighting the differences found. <strong>(Remember: DO NOT email PHI)</strong>
* Contact 

WebChart with the findings.

Reports (video)

The Patient Observations report is particularly helpful in validating data between systems. To access and utilize this report:


Q: I am only validating specific observations. Is there a way to filter to just the ones I need?

A: Yes. Users may use the Patient Observations Report, described above, to search specific observation values. Otherwise, it is possible a Flowsheet of logically grouped observations may exist within each chart. A Flowsheet is a grouping of observations, such as Vitals, Glucose levels, Questionnaire responses, etc. If a flowsheet is available, select it from the Flowsheet drop-down to load the results.

**Q: **Why are some observations only listed once, even though they apply across all dates (e.g., Race, Ethnicity, Email, etc.)?

A: Once an observation is recorded, it is not repeated as a duplicate discrete value. If the observation changes, then a new observation will display with the observation history always available. WARNING: Users with proper security permissions may Delete observations, along with their history.

**Q: **Can I create my own flowsheets with just the observations I need to validate?

A: This depends on company policy and is controlled through user security settings. If permitted, select users may create flowsheets, as needed.

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