Order List Import Tool

This wiki page is to document how Order list items (Compendium of tests) data needs to be constructed in order to import using WebChart’s Order List Import Tool.

  • File format: Data file shall be formatted in Comma Separated Values (CSV).
  • The first row of the file shall contain column header information.
  • Each subsequent row shall represent an order item.
  • The Order Type is specified on the upload file form. Each item in the list will be imported with the specified type.

Column Definition

The order list column definition shall contain all columns listed below regardless if their is a value or not.

  • R = Required
  • O = Optional
Name Type Required Comments
Order name char 2^24 (16MB) R This is the short form name or mneumonic of the order item
Order detail description char 2^24 (16MB) O Detailed description of the order item
Order code char 30 R Unique order code for this order item
LOINC code char 50 O LOINC code
CPT code char 30 O CPT code
Collection instructions char 2^24 (16MB) O Special instructions for at the time of collection
Patient instructions char 2^24 (16MB) O Instructions for the patient prior to collection
Force separate order char 1 O If (Y)es, force a separate order to be placed, If (N)o, all this item to be grouped with other order items in a single order

Examples of CSV

Order List Example

This example shows how to import multiple order items into the complete order list.

Order name,Order detail description,Order code,LOINC code,CPT code,Collection instructions,Patient instructions,Force separate order CPSA,Complexed PSA (cPSA),LAB5725,33667-7,84153,"Container: Purple top tube, Storage: Room temperature",Patient fasting not required,N BILTO,Bilirubin Total,LAB5017,1975-2,82247,SST,,N CREAT,Creatinine,LAB5023,,82565,SST,,N GLU,Glucose,LAB5062,14749-6,82947,SST,,N BSS,"Occult Blood Screening, Stool",LAB5093,,82270,Non sterile container,,N

Sample CSV files

Here is a sample CSV file to download and view in a text editor or a spreadsheet program.

File:Order list.csv

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