Device Interface - CardioPerfect EKG

The following is referring to a Welch Allyn CardioPerfect EKG system. Contact your MIE Implementer to see if your EKG system model can be interfaced or quoted.

Within WebChart , you may have a chart tab named EKG where you can see the imported EKG device results and interpretations. Contact your MIE Implementer for set up.

Within the encounter when the EKG has been ordered or the EKG section shows on an encounter, click the Load CardioPerfect button to open the connection.

The screen will refresh and you will see the Welch Allkyn CardioPerfect Screen. Click the ECG button.

This screen will appear. Connect the patient to the EKG machine (or connect before starting this process). Click the Record button at the top left. The test will run.

Click Interpretation button towards the top middle of the screen.

Push the Alt-Tab keys on your keyboard to navigate back to the WebChart screen and right click in the Image field window, then click “refresh” from the choices.

You should now see two files since you have refreshed the WebChart screen.

Select the .tif file then click the Get Interpretation button to queue the data from the Welch Allyn machine for import into the patient’s chart.

To send the results to a Physician or NP for review, select the Review radio button so that the ECG can be over-read.

Click the Upload button to upload and save the data/document into the patient’s chart.

When you see the upload was successful window and it asks if you want to delete the file you uploaded, select Yes.

The ECG data is now stored in the patient’s chart.

The study image and interpretation will now display in the section of the encounter if you have that layout to show there, and also in the EKG patient chart tab.

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