Device Interface - Piccolo System

The following is referring to a blood chemistry analyzer Abaxis Piccolo Xpress system. Contact your MIE Implementer to see if your piccolo system model can be interfaced or quoted.

Piccolo Blood Chemistry Analyzer

  • When working in an encounter and in the In-House Tests and Procedures section, add the test/procedure for the Blood Chem-Piccolo

  • The screen to connect to the Abaxis Piccolo Xpress will open on your screen.

  • Have the Piccolo machine hooked up to the computer that is running WebChart . Usually they are just a serial connection to the machine and usb connection on the other end to the computer/laptop.
  • Select the Connect to Abaxis Piccolo Xpress (choose port) link in your WebChart encounter.

  • Verify the port information in the pop-up and select the “Open Port” button

  • Click the confirm option you wish to do (yes, this time or Yes, always)

  • Transmit the information from the equipment.
  • The WebChart screen displays “Receiving data” here on the encounters/test & procedures section you are in.
  • When done, the screen displays “Data Received” and a “Document Successfully Created” pop-up window displays.
  • Select OK
  • To view the data, navigate to the chart tab this document is stored in (DocSum tab or a separate chart tab that you have set up to house this blood chemistry document) and select the docid to view the result.
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