Device Interface - Titmus V4

This page provides instructions for interfacing the Titmus V4 Vision Screener with the WebChart system. Lists of the fields and results the interface retrieves are provided, and instructions for installing required applications for functionality are linked, where applicable.

Be sure to install the required applications for optimal functionality. The device interface uses the MIE Device App to communicate with WebChart .

Setup & Installation

The Titmus V4 Screener device interface uses the Titmus Software, which will need to be configured to save a file upon completion of each vision test. To configure the software, perform the following:

  1. Open the Titmus Software.

  2. Click the Config icon.

  3. Click Integration.

  4. Select Vision (out) by placing a check in the corresponding box.

  5. Expand the list under Integration and select File.

  6. Provide the location where the vision export files will be saved (e.g., C:/Users/Public/Test/vision-.csv). This location will also need to be configured in the MIE Device App .

  7. Click Apply.

  8. Click Close.

Collected Data Fields

The following data fields are collected in WebChart using the Titmus V4 Vision Screener:

Binocularity (far)Binocularity (far)
Acuity/B (far)Acuity/B (far)
Acuity/L (far)Acuity/L (far)
Acuity/R (far)Acuity/R (far)
Depth (far)Depth (far)
Color (far)Color (far)
Phoria Lateral (far)Phoria Lateral (far)
Phoria Vertical (far)Phoria Vertical (far)
Binocularity (near)Binocularity (near)
Acuity/B (near)Acuity/B (near)
Acuity/L (near)Acuity/L (near)
Acuity/R (near)Acuity/B (near)
Phoria Lateral (near)Phoria Lateral (near)
Phoria Vertical (near)Phoria Lateral (near)
Peripheral Vision (L Degree) - NasalPeripheral Vision (R Degree) - Nasal

Using the Device Interface

  1. While in a chart, add a Vision Screening order to the Due List.

  2. While in the encounter, add the Vision Screening order to the exam from the Tests & Procedures section.

  3. In the Vision Screening section, click the Automatic link.

  4. Click the Titmus V4 button.

  5. Perform test in the Titmus Software as instructed in the device operation manual.

  6. After completed, the results will be automatically uploaded to WebChart and the Vision Screening section will update with the results.

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