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In order for the signature pad device to work with the WebChart program, the signature pad device must be hooked up to your PC (usually by a USB port) and you should install the CD prior to using. We recommend the Topaz Signature Pad Device.

WebChart is e-signature compatible and allows patients to sign their immunization consent forms electronically or any other document the practice wishes to use this for. The signed consent statement and image of the patient signature is uploaded into the patient’s chart (instead of using paper consent forms). Your MIE Implementer would configure a sidemenu tab with a layout for which signature canned statement choices you want on that tab. The consent verbiage only holds so many characters and after they sign and upload it stores as a document. Topaz device is used with that sidemenu tab and it’s text verbiage that a patient reads and signs using the topaz signature device, which then uploads and stores as a document in the chart. Paper consent forms can still be used and scanned into the patient chart with a patient’s hand-signature.
On the left sidebar menu may be a tab named SIGNATURE if your practice is set up to allow patients to electronically sign canned text statements using a Topaz Signature Pad Device that then store as a document in the chart. Examples: canned consent statements to pick up meds, travel kits or sign canned statements for consenting to an injection.  This side menu tab can be named anything your practice wants.
The example below shows the signature program utilized in an Immunization Consent form. Depending on what type of injection consent they pick a different canned statement will appear both on the signature pad device and on the screen in WebChart that captures the signature and stores it as a document.
This Signature program can be customized to be titled/labeled as you wish. In this example below, it uses the signature pad device for various immunization consents, travel pickup and prescription pickup requests. Upon the patient’s electronic signature, the document (and electronic signature) is uploaded and stored directly into the patient’s chart.

The above screenshot example allows you to enter in the patient’s name that need to sign the consent. Then the specific consent radio button is selected. A canned statement appears both on the signature pad device and on the WebChart screen. It is ready for the patient to sign.
Click the START SIGNATURE button and the patient would sign the signature pad using the electronic pen. When the patient is done signing, click the SAVE SIGNATURE button to save the signature image and upload it into the patient’s chart. Or you can click the RESET button to clear the signature image and/or change the patient or immunization/consent type if had previously selected the wrong one.
This is an example of what the uploaded and stored document would look like, along with the electronic signature and date/time stamp on the document.

Signature pad devices can also be used in conjunction with the mass immunization record tab. See other help documentation named Mass Immunization Record Tab.pdf.

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