Adding Users to a Provider Organization

Create the Provider Organization (PO) Chart

This will be the Provider Organization’s chart which will store the list of users associated with a specific organization. From the E-Chart tab, click on Patient Registration

  • Last Name: Enter the organization’s name in the last name field, as you wish it appear in WebChart .
  • First Name: Leave blank – this is not required for organization setup.
  • Birth Date: Leave blank – this is not required for organization setup.
  • SSN: Leave blank – this is not required for organization setup.
  • Search: To proceed to full Registration Screen
  • Cancel: To cancel the registration process.

Proceed to Create the PO Chart

  • First Name: WebChart requires a First Name for every patient – to register your organization without a First Name, simply enter a “space” by using your spacebar on the keyboard. No Additional Demographic information is required, but you may fill in as much as desired. Scroll down to the bottom of the demographics screen and locate the Medical Records Section, and place a Checkmark in the box corresponding with the PO Partition

  • Save: To complete the registration process.

Add Users to the PO Chart

If you have just completed the registration process above, you should now be in the PO’s Chart. If you have browsed away from the chart after registration, you will need to search from the E-Chart Tab.

Access the Chart, locate the PO Contacts Chart tab.

Click on PO Contacts chart Tab

This will open a page where you may list all of your users for one organization.

Enter your user’s name and organization location into the PO Contact tab

Click Add to continue adding to the Organization list

Click Submit to Save your list and complete the process.

Adding POs to Users

An alternative way to associate users with PO’s is to edit the user’s profile from the Access Control module

Scroll to the lower portion of the screen and locate the Refresh with the User Patients ListEdit (which contains xx patients). This hyperlink and list does not get rendered at all if the setting “Webchart”, “Settings”, “Limit users to Provider Organization” is turned off. This is a feature mainly used by our Corporate Health practices. Clicking on the Refresh with the User Patients List link will query the system to render the list.

The link will then change to say Show Patients Linked to User:

Click on the link to display the list of Patients linked to this user

Once open, you can ADD or DELETE organizations or patients

Click on Submit Edit button to save and complete the process.

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