Customize Online Help Pop-up Screens

Help is always available in WebChart . At the top right corner of your WebChart screen session is a help bubble icon.

Click that to access WebChart Online Help. Once you click the a pop-up window of WebChart Online Help will open (pop-up) on your screen. You can type search phrases in the field at the top or click the index hyperlink at the bottom right corner of this screen to get a full index of all help documents in pdf format provided by MIE.

However the Pop-Up WebChart Online Help screen can be customized to your system by your users towards your workflow, information you wish to convey, etc. You can program it to show your own help/workflowvideos, specific help information specific to your WebChart system and your practice/workflow etc if someone wants to manage those pop-up help screens.

By default there are some pop-up Online Help screens already programmed by MIE to help you with a specific module, screen or chart tab you are in. For example, if I go to a patient’s Encounters chart tab and then click the help bubble at the top right, the help will pop-up with the title Point and Click Encounter and then MIE has a default video programmed in that users can watch and learn about encounters. This pop-up help window is specific to the chart tab you are in.

You are able to add, edit, override, manage those pop-up Online Help screens yourself if you have security permission to Add Help Text set to Yes.

Maybe the default video from MIE loaded doesn’t pertain to your custom workflow you want your staff to watch or learn, so you can make up a video and load that into this pop-up help screen while in a specific module, chart tab or screen. Maybe your staff has used WebChart for years and you would like to add some custom help to your systems pop-up Online Help screens for modules, chart tabs, screens that don’t have any default help in them yet.

This is an example of being in the Document Summary chart tab and clicking the help at the top right to see additional help regarding Document Summary tab and there is no default pop-up Online Help yet for that screen. You can add help in most modules, screens, chart tabs to be specific to the screen you are in and provide additional help without getting out of that screen.

View Pop-up Online Help

MIE has programmed a few default help videos in the pop-up Online Help of certain modules, screens, and chart tabs. For example, while you are working in the Checkin sidemenu module, you may forget what you are supposed to do. Your administrator could upload specific pop-up Online Help text, images or even a video onto that module to support staff while working in WebChart . Or other users have used WebChart for years and your staff would like to have specific pop-up Online Help added for certain screens, modules, chart tabs, etc to help new hired staff at your practice while they are working in the system and it is customized to your workflow and steps. The pop-up Online Help is manageable by the practice and is system specific. Anywhere you are in WebChart you can click the help icon at the top right and see if there is any customized available pop-up Online Help. If there isn’t, you can always use the MIE WebChart default online help pdf guide found in the Index link or by typing in a search phrase to access those documents.

Add Pop-up Online Help

If there is no default pop-up Online Help for a module, screen, chart tab you are in, if you have security to add help text, you can add it. You want to make sure you are in the screen, module or chart tab specific to the help you are about to add. Meaning you don’t want your computer screen on the “encounters” chart tab but you are trying to add customized help for your system about WebScan/Indexing.

Go to the chart tab, module, tab that you want to add pop-up Online Help for. Click the help bubble at the top right. It will say Provide Help for xxxx and that will be prefilled with the screen, module or tab you are in. So in this screen shot I want to add help for the main sidemenu tab named E-Chart so when someone is just working in the E-Chart sidemenu tab doing searches, etc I want to add pop-up online help to the E-Chart sidemenu tab screen/tab.

If I were in the Checkin sidemenu tab and wanted to add customized pop-up Online Help to the system, I would click the Checkin sidemenu tab, then click help icon at the top right and see this screen where it confirms I would be adding help to the “checkin” screen that I am currently in.

Or if I’m working in a patient’s chart in the Injections/Immunizations chart tab and click help icon at the top right, the pop-up Online Help window displays and confirms I would be adding help in the inject tab/screen of the WebChart system.

To add help you would get to the specific module, screen, tab you want to add help to, click the help icon at the top right, then when the pop-up Online Help screen displays, click the Provide Help hyperlink.

The Provide Help screen will appear. This is where you type in all the help contents, any images or video’s to tie to that specific tab, module, screen for your WebChart system. If this pop-up Online Help doesn’t have anything currently in it, the text box will be blank so you are free to program it. It is to be programmed using Wiki Programming. It is best to click the Get Editing Help link to familiarize yourself with how the pop-up Online Help needs to be programmed so it will display to users. When you click that, the Editing Help screen will open. You would need to program the pop-up Online Help screens in Wiki language. The help screen shows you symbols, how to bold, italicize, headings, etc. Everything is left formatted. There is no way currently to center anything. Use the up/down scroll in the Editing Help screen to familiarize yourself on how this text box needs to be programmed.

You can open these screens side by side to start typing in the pop-up Online Help and use the Wiki Language help guide along with it.

When you have your text programmed, you can click the Preview button to preview what it will look like. You can go fix, edit or add more before clicking the ADD button to save and add your programming to that pop-up Online Help for that module, tab, or screen you are in.

Once you click the ADD button, that pop-up Online Help is available for your users to see. So for instance on this screenshot we typed in 3 sentences for the Demographic chart tab pop-up Online Help. So now when staff or perhaps a new hired staff member who is still learning and is working in Demographics chart tab and wants to see additional help, they can click on the help bubble, see the pop-up Online Help that is programmed for support of this tab, functionality and provides additional information or specific workflow needs to our practice. The users can still access the MIE pdf general help guides for each functionality, module, etc by clicking the Index hyperlink to get to that library.

Editing Pop-up Online Help

You can edit any pop-up Online Help for tabs, modules, screens if you have security permission also. You would follow the above steps (get to the screen, module or tab you need to edit help for), then click the help icon at the top right and the Online Help pop-up screen will display. Confirm this is the help screen you want to edit and click Edit this Help hyperlink at the bottom of that screen.

You would make your changes, additions, edits etc on the programming screen. Again, this is to be programmed in Wiki language and you can always access the Get Editing Help screen to get help on how things need to be programmed. You can click the “preview” link to make sure all is programmed correctly and see how it displays. When your edits are complete, click the EDIT button to save your work and it will close this screen.

It will then show you the pop-up Online Help screen you were in with your edits, changes done and displayed for all users now.

Insert Images

You can insert screen shots or images (and size them) into your pop-up Online Help screens on the tab, module or screen you are in and want to add pop-up help to.

First you need to create your snapshot or image. You would need to save it as a jpeg, png, tiff, or bmp file type. Once you have your image or snapshot saved on your desktop or computer, you then need to go to CONTROL sidemenu tab of your WebChart system and into System Files tab. By default it will show you all the system files that have already been uploaded to the system files.

Click Add System File hyperlink to add your screenshot or image to the WebChart system so you can program it on any pop-up Online Help screen using Wiki Language.

  • Source File: browse out and find and click on your screenshot or image you saved somewhere on your computer.
  • Storage Type: needs to match the file type extension of your screenshot or image. (ex: BMP, Tiff, JPEG or PNG) If you saved your image as a file extension that is not available in this drop-down then you cannot upload it.
  • File Alias: Type here the exact name of the file along with the extension/file type (ex: Smile.png)
  • Description: Type in some description of what this image is or for (ex: image for pop-up Online Help)

Click ADD FILE button to add the image file to your WebChart system so you can pull it onto pop-up Online Help.

Your image will now be successfully uploaded into the System Files of your WebChart system to be used.

Next you will click on the image itself in the Preview/Link column. It will open your image up in a separate window on your computer screen.

In this separate window it opened in, go up to the url at the top. Copy (right click & copy) everything in the url from the question mark ? to the end. Ex: ?f=stream&sysfile=smile.png&revision_number=0

Then close out that window.

Now go into the specific tab, module, screen of pop-up Online Help that you want to paste this image into.

Type [[IMAGE: ]] and copy/paste that portion of the ?url you copied above and paste it after the colon in the help programming screen. Make sure you have two brackets before and after.

Example: [[IMAGE:?f=stream&sysfile=smile.png&revision_number=0]]

When done programming that and anything else, click the EDIT or ADD button on the provide help screen that you are programming (or you can click “preview” button to preview it first before saving). It will close and it will show your new help pop-up window with your screenshot/image in there.

Here is an example of the finished product of programing a screenshot/image into a pop-up Online Help window. We inserted a screenshot/image of the smiley faces.

Resizing Images

After you load a screenshot or image into the WebChart System Files using the above steps and you’ve programmed it in your pop-up Online Help and see that it’s way to big, etc. You can set the height and width for the images if you want to resize them.

Keep the same [[IMAGE: ]] programming above, just add at the end a pixel value for height & width using the programming of height=x width=y. X & Y are in pixel sizes, so whatever value you type in for X will need to be a pixel number and same for Y.

Example: [[IMAGE:?f=stream&sysfile=smile.png&revision_number=0**|height=100|width=100**]]

This example shows the system file image we loaded and programmed on the pop-up Online Help. The image below it shows my programming of the same system image, but I programmed to resize it to |height=100|width=100]]

You can see the differences and can resize an image to whatever height & width pixels you wish without having to go upload a new system file image in Control.

Your software you use to capture screen shots or convert and save images with should be able to tell you the image size of your screen shot/image. In this example we use Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and it shows the width & height in pixels for the image, so we know the original is sized that we uploaded and can manipulate from that in Wiki Language while programming the pop-up Online Help.

Insert Video

If you want to insert a video into your pop-up online help screen, you would first do your video and save it to a server. It is best to have an https link for security. Go to the pop-up Online help you want to edit or add and type [[VIDEO:insert your https link here|divid=wcvideo|divclass=wc_video]]

Example: [[VIDEO:|divid=wc_video|divclass=wc_video]]

You can also get creative by programming Wiki Language to set a help banner image and not have it autostart or not and mute or not upon start. You can use this example below to retype to use our MIE help banner and Wiki Language programming if you wish to have the video start with an image.

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