ODBC Install & Configuration

MySQL 5.3.6 ODBC Driver Install

  1. Download the MySQL ODBC 5.3.6 Driver for your OS from here
  2. Install the Driver, follow the instructions provide by MySQL found here

Adding MySQL 5.3.6 ODBC Driver as a Data Source

These directions are from Windows XP, if you are running Vista or Windows 7 they could be slightly different.

From the Windows Desktop:

  1. Click “Start”
  2. Search for “ODBC”
  3. Under Programs you should see “Data Sources (ODBC)”

  1. From there click, “System DSN”
  2. Click “Add”
  3. Choose “MySQL ODBC 5.2 Unicode Driver”
  4. Click “Finish”

MySQL ODBC Data Source Configuration

Now that you have the driver installed successfully, you will need to configure it.

  1. You will need MIE’s CA, you can download from here: Med-Web SSL CA
  2. You should have received an e-mail containing information on how to obtain the follow elements for configuration:
    1. Hostname
    2. Port: 3306
    3. Username
    4. Password
    5. SSL Key
    6. SSL Cert
    7. SSL CA
    8. SSL Cipher

From the MySQL ODBC Configuration Screen

  1. Click “Details »” for advanced options.
  2. Click “SSL Settings”

  1. Fill in all fields provided from the configuration e-mail sent to you.
  2. Test connection by clicking “Test”.
    1. Insure that your certificates and keys are in the correct inputs.

3rd Party Tools

There are many tools out there that can utilize an ODBC connection. This section is to help configure the most common ones.

Crystal Reports 2008

Crystal Reports is a very powerful report tool that can be used in conjunction with the WebChart ODBC connection to generate complex reports. This section is to help you configure Crystal Reports 2008 and fix a performance problem that will help speed up the mapping of tables and their relations.

  • Install Crystal Reports 2008
Installing and using Crystal Reports is outside the scope of this wiki. Please consult Crystal’s manual for help.

Turn Off Crystal’s Smart Linking

Before you run Crystal Reports 2008, simply download the registry fix to turn off Crystal’s Smart Linking.

If you already launched Crystal Reports 2008, simply close the application before moving on to the next step.
1. Download this file [Crystal10TurnOffSmartLinking.reg](https://miewiki.med-web.com/wiki/images/7/72/Crystal10TurnOffSmartLinking.reg) by right clicking and choosing "Save As". Save the file to the "MIE ODBC" directory that you created earlier. 2. From the Windows desktop 3. Click "Start" 4. Click "Run..."

  1. Type “regedit” in the Open input box.
  2. Click “Ok”

  1. The Registry Editor will launch
  2. Click “File”
  3. Click “Import”

  1. “Import Registry File” dialog will pop.
  2. Navigate to the “MIE ODBC” folder that you saved the “Crystal10TurnOffSmartLinking.reg” file.
  3. Choose “Crystal10TurnOffSmartLinking.reg”
  4. Click “Open”

  1. An information prompt will pop stating that the reg file was imported successfully. If you did not get this, something went wrong. Make sure you choose the right file.

  1. Done, you have successfully turned off Crystal’s Smart Linking.
  2. It is now Ok to launch Crystal Reports 2008.

WebChart Documentation

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