Resource Restrictions

The Resource Restrictions tab in the Control Panel allows the restriction of a scheduling resource. The restriction prohibits users (without access to that resource) from viewing a resource’s schedule. Another reason to perhaps use a Resource Restriction could be useful if multiple resources have same/similar names, but are in different clinics or countries. This would help staff to make sure they have the correct resource they are scheduling for. A resource can be limited to individual users, or to entire departments. The restrictions apply only to the selected resource, resources that are not listed in the Resource Restriction tab are not limited from any users.
Resource Restrictions can be used to prohibit staff or clinicians from accessing sensitive schedules, ensure partitioned population separation, or simply shorten a large list of resources in systems with multiple locations and users. Also, make sure they have partition access to the resources with schedules and give the Administrator department access to the resources with schedules.

Creating Resource Restrictions

To start, access the Resource Restrictions tab in the control panel. The Resource Restrictions tab contains a filter search bar that is directed to the users within departments that are listed in the system’s settings as Scheduling Resources. By default, the system setting is pointing to the Scheduling Resources department.

Begin typing in the last name of the Scheduling Resource that needs to be restricted from users. The field is an autocomplete. Select the name of the user profile in the Scheduling Resources department. If a user name does NOT auto-complete any choices, check the Access Control tab to ensure that the desired resource’s user profile is part of the Scheduling Resources department.

Once the name populates, select it, and click the “Search” button. This will refresh the page. The page then displays 4 sections:

  • Allowed Users  - Can key in individual users that are allowed access to view and/or schedule for the selected resource. Click the Add button to save selections
  • Allowed Departments – Can key in entire departments that are allowed access to view and/or schedule for the selected resource. Any user that is a member of that department will have access to that resource. Click the Add button to save selections.
  • Reason for Change – This is a required field to document the reason for the restriction or restriction change. This information will be saved in the Revision History of the restriction for future reference.
  • Revision History – Can see a history of revisions to the selected resource restriction.

When all needed fields are complete, click the Submit Changes button to create the restriction.

Once the restriction is submitted, the screen will refresh and the list of allowed users will now display the user who added them, as well as the date and time of addition. The same information will also be displayed in the Revision History section.

Editing Existing Restrictions

From the Resource Restrictions tab found in Control, search for the resource that needs editing. Type in their last name by using the autocomplete to select the specific resource. Click “Search” to refresh the screen and bring up the existing listings of allowed users and departments for that specific restricted resource.

Utilize the - buttons to remove users or departments that should no longer have access. Add new users or departments with the “Add” buttons that should have permission to access. Record the reason for the change, then click the Submit button to save all work.

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