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Certain modules, screens, functionalities require additional plugins to be installed on your computer before they will function. These are extensions to the program that are needed.
When in the Control sidemenu tab, there is a Plugins tab that allows plugins to be accessed and installed directly from that page. It’s a page to load all ActiveX / plugins at once. It should let you also know when a control is not supported for your browser/OS (operating system). WebChart has a built-in plugin manager starting March 2013 RC so any plugins installed from that RC on will automatically attempt to update themselves when newer plugins become available. Example: you’ve installed MIEWord v25 from March 2013 RC and then your WebChart system is upgraded to newer RC which may (for example) come with MIEWord v26, then IE (and Chrome and Firefox for plugins that are supported) should prompt the user to let them automatically upgrade the plugin from WebChart .
There is support in the Plugins page for Opera and Safari. The plugins for Alternatiff, MIEPlayer and ScanControl can be downloaded and manually moved to the browser’s plugin directory. Instructions are given during the download process.
There is support for Firefox in the Plugins page. The three plugins that are supported in Firefox are Alternatiff, MIEPlayer and ScanControl. These will be packaged as an xpi file and served from WebChart . WebChart will also provide the resources for updating these plugins so when Firefox’s plugin manager looks for an update it will not need to look up any external sites.
There is support for Chrome in the Plugins page. Newer versions of Chrome have tighter restrictions on installing third party extensions. To give WebChart permission to use its own plugins, the plugin manager displays an “Import To Registry to Allow Plugins” link. Downloading and executing that link’s file will give Chrome permission to run any plugin coming from the WebChart system’s domain.

At the top right corner of the Plugins page, there is a link Download all controls in a single CAB file that will perform that download to your system in CAB file format.

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