From the Control sidemenu tab, you can get to the WebChart system colors to change any colors. This will change the look of your WebChart system for all users.

When you are in the Colors module, there are 2 choices of Color Scheme by default that you can look at and set. This section gives you a quick glance at what things will look like as you change colors. It also shows if you are changing the “System” colors (named Custom) or the miEHR colors (miEHR colors are defaulted to be MIE’s branded colors of green, orange, etc).

Each logged in user has their own My Settings preference to determine which color scheme they want to see WebChart in. However any changes done to any color scheme in WebChart will affect all users that have that selected. The My Settings preference is called Color Scheme.

It also provides you with the opportunity to customize colors per individual patient, for System (CoBranded) or miEHR CoBrand.

The top portion is a summary of the color scheme you are looking at and all types of settings and what color they are set to.

Below that is where you can change the entire system font. If all you want to do is change font only, you can set that and then scroll down and click the Submit Colors button.

Down at the bottom is a Refresh Image Cache button. You may want to scroll down there first and click that. This makes sure that the most recent copy of all images/colors are being used.

The next section is all the settings that colors can be changed and shows the color they are set to currently. The radio button is what you would click to select that specific item you want to change color for. The next step would be to either select a color on the right side with your mouse to apply to that selected field or if you know a specific Hex Value code that you want for it, you can type that in the field. Whatever radio button of the item selected is what will be applied this color.


The Submit Colors button is at the bottom of the screen which you would click to save & submit any color changes you did.

For details on every specific item to change color for (where/what will change if you select something to change its color), please see next pages.

ItemWhere it appliesExample
Background ColorFor "Custom", controls the outside frame – above tabs, below sidemenu, bottom status line of WC .For "miEHR", controls below the sidemenu tabs and the status bar at the bottom.
Background Font ColorFor "Custom", font color on status bar at the bottom and the user's name and primary department in the upper right.For "miEHR", Font color displayed on status bar at the bottom.
Folder ColorMain/Body area of tabs (folders) background color
Folder Font ColorFont color displayed on links when in a folder and also on the folder name when it is selected/active.Font color of E-Chart search criteria and links.
Title ColorBackground color of the area below list viewsE-Chart, Any view in Chart tabs, Warning Title
Title Font ColorFont color on the title background, Portlet headers, Listview & Listedit & Dialogs
Subtitle ColorBackground color of the area below titlesCheckin, Scheduler, E-Chart, Listview & Listedit headers
SubTitle Font ColorFont color for subtitles
Field ColorThe shading (background) color behind field fonts.
Field Font ColorFont of the field description
Value ColorFound in many areas:Encounters-the row selected & background of Encounter Search.Tasks: Fast task picklist background.E-Chart: color of the row when viewing a list of names.Portlets: Background color of main area.Control/My Settings: Background color
Value Font ColorFont for the value fields.
Alternate Value ColorIn multiple selections, background color of non-primary value, such as every other row in e-chart, or in document list view.
Alternate Value Font ColorFont color used for alternate value.
NonActive Tab ColorColor of tabs when not selected/active.
NonActive Tab Font ColorOn chart tabs when they are not selected/active.
Outline ColorIn former versions, was the outline of the tabs. No longer used in System Colors.
Font ColorNo longer used in System Colors.
Link ColorNo longer used in System Colors.
Visited Link ColorNo longer used in System Colors.
Active Link ColorNo longer used in System Colors.
Alert ColorAlerts/Guidelines background color on Portlet, in Chart Tabs, Observations (abnormal results)
Alert Font ColorFont color for Alerts
Warning ColorBackground color for Warnings
Warning Font ColorFont color of Warnings
Row Divider ColorColor of the line between each row.
SubTitle Border ColorThe color between header cells in list views and list edits. No longer used in System Colors.
New Record ColorWhen hovering, shows the record/line you are on in a highlighted color to differentiate so you know where you are hovering.
New Record Font ColorColor of font for highlighted record.
Phone Notes ColorBackground color of text notes free text field.
Phone Notes Font ColorColor of font on text notes. No longer used in system colors.
Doc Notes ColorBackground color of Doctor Note (text file) free text field.
Doc Notes Font ColorFont color of text document "Doctor Note"
Document Default ColorBackground color shown for uploaded Word and interface and scanned documents, however this is no longer respected in the system, so changing this won't do anything. Default document colors are now black and white. This can be changed in the Document Type Editor in the ‘style' field.
Document Default Font ColorFont color for Word and interface documents, however this is no longer respected in the system, so changing this won't do anything. Default document font color is now black. This can be changed in the Document Type Editor in the ‘style' field.
SchSchedule Font ColorDefault appointment font color, if one is not specified.
SchSchedule ColorDefault appointment background color, if one is not specified.
SchAppointment ColorThe default background color, if none is stipulated, when creating new appointment types. Displays in the scheduler tab.
SchAppointment Font ColorFont color of any links within an appt.
SchAppointment Title ColorBackground color of the 1 ^st line of the appointment – the "title" showing pt. name, DOB, time.
SchAppointment Title Font ColorFont color of appointment details (non-link data).
Menu Hover ColorBackground color of the sidemenu to change to when you hover your mouse over it so you can tell where you are hovering at to differentiate where your mouse is or what to select.
Menu Hover Font ColorFont color of sidemenu when you hover.White font:
QuickNav ColorBackground of links at top, like MyTasks, DocQueue, etc.
QuickNav Font ColorFont for links at top, like MyTasks, DocQueue, etc.

The numbers in () parenthesis for E-Sign and My Tasks are hard-coded and can only be changed by MIE.

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