Rapid Deployment

An IT solution that combines clinical care, occupational health, compliance, and engagement in a single, cloud-based, interoperable platform is not something you’d expect right out of the box.  WebChart  not only creates a cost-effective solution to fostering a healthy workforce, it provides the means to creating a culture of value-based care and healthy living, right out of the box.

We take pride in helping our clients be successful. Regardless of whether this is your first introduction to the options available or a conversion from a legacy system to a better alternative, we want to ensure the process is minimally invasive, intuitive, and easy. That’s why we provide a look under the hood, so you can know what to expect and see how it all works. Review our delivery method, check out the agenda outline and project plan. Get a sense of how quickly you could be stood up with one of the leading solutions in clinical care and occupational health and safety.

WebChart Documentation

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