Rapid Deployment Agenda

Our Rapid Deployment Agenda provides clients with an outline of the high-level expectations and milestones of a successful deployment. The contents of this outline are based on the more-detailed standard project plan . For a look at the potential timeline, time estimates, and agenda topics, be sure to check out the Project Kick-Off , the Core Team Demonstration , and the various Deployment Meetings . Note that many of the objectives and milestones can be executed concurrently, utilizing all available resources more effectively and efficiently, thus shortening deployment times.

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Agenda Outline


Account Management

  • Assess client needs and determine goals
  • Meet to establish foundations of Project Charter, and to obtain necessary information for scoping and SOW
  • Confirm goals, finalize SOW, and execute BAA
  • Submit BAA and SOW to Accounting

Internal Meetings

  • Sales, Implementation, and Development to meet and discuss considerations and gaps
  • Sales presents any outstanding questions to client and confirms understood goals and objectives

System Integration

  • Build and sync environments
  • Connectivity
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Interfacing
  • Data Migration

Project Initiation

Setting the Pace

  • Administration will sign-off and execute hand-off to Project Manager and Deployment Consultant(s).
  • Incorporate the finalized Project Plan, roadmap, and timeline into the Kick-off Meeting agenda, including the expected deliverables and outline of the overall scope.

Kick-off Meeting

  • End-to-end system demonstration
  • Vendor Governance
  • General introductions - Identify stakeholders, key players, and managers, serving as representatives of the varying departments, offices, and workflows.
    • Leadership
    • Steering Committee
    • Role assignments and clarifications
      • Who does what and why
      • Communication standards – vertical/horizontal communication, file locations, information distribution channels, meeting minutes access, where to report or record issues, and ongoing list of contacts
      • Discuss collaborative tools to be used
  • Intent and vision of project
    • Key success factors
  • Project Plan
    • Goals and deliverables
    • Frequency of status meetings
    • Agree to the roadmap, timeline, and schedule
  • Q&A

Base Configurations

  • Review Sessions
  • Foundational Training
  • Checkpoints
    • Use these meetings to assess status, progress, and next steps.
  • Reviews


  • Finalize
  • UAT
  • GoLive
  • Sign-off
  • Exit survey

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