Injury Care & Case Mgmt


Cover the Injury Care Review Session and Case Management Review Session to gather necessary information and identify any gaps.


Review the standard  WebChart workflows and gather information needed for system setup of injury care and case management functionalities.

Agenda - 2 Hours

  • Demonstrate Injury Care
    • Overview
      • Security Permissions
      • Insurance Interface
      • Work-Related Case Management
      • System Configuration
        • Import Tools
        • Cases
          • Incident On-Site Locations
          • Nature of Illness/Injury and Body Parts
          • Restrictions (Types) & Accommodations
            • Restriction Providers
          • Event and Source
        • State-Specific Forms/Print Definitions
      • Reporting
        • Work Status Report Document
        • OSHA 300/300A Import for Partial Year (spec)
        • Portal
      • E-File with OSHA
      • Resources
  • Demonstrate Case Management
    • Case Management Overview
      • Case Management Functionality
      • Case Management Encounter
      • Case Management Worklist
      • Security Permissions
      • Work-Related Case Management
      • Reporting
      • Resources


Document action items, distribute meeting minutes, create Jira tickets for configuration projects that are in scope, perform system configuration, update percentage complete and dates on project plan, and prepare for subsequent meetings.

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