Scheduler & Check-in


Cover the Scheduler Review Session and Checkin Review Session to gather all necessary information and identify any gaps.


Review standard  WebChart  workflows and gather information needed for system setup of the Scheduler and all associated check-in workflows.

Agenda - 2 Hours

  • Demonstrate the out-of-the-box check-in functionality
    • System Configuration
      • Check-in Stations
      • Check-in Portal (if purchased)
  • Demonstrate the Scheduler
    • Overview
      • Scheduler Tabs
        • Views
        • Wizards
        • Schedules
        • Waiting List
      • System Configuration
        • Schedule Resources
        • Schedules
        • Appointment Types
          • Durations
          • Colors
          • Default Encounter Type
          • Print Definitions
        • Cancellation Codes
        • Waiting List


Document action items, distribute meeting minutes, create Jira tickets for configuration projects that are in scope, perform system configuration, update percentage complete and dates on project plan, and prepare for subsequent meetings.

WebChart Documentation

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