Project Kick-off Meeting


Kick off the project, introduce teams/roles, understand organizational structure, document strategic objectives, project overview, deployment approach, account management approach, and support structure.


Present the EH Kick-off Meeting Powerpoint, Statement of Work (SOW), Project Plan, Deployment Approach, and schedule recurring project and integration meetings.

Agenda - 1 Hour

  • Introductions - Project Teams
  • Project Objectives
  • Project Overview
  • Project Plan
    • Discuss importance of strategic project team members. At least one trusted adviser who will actually use the product on a regular basis should be included in the project team, to provide insight and serve as a champion.
  • Project Charter
    • Document Company Profile (high level)
      • Number of locations, physicians, nurses, employees, case managers, etc.
      • Website URL for the customer
    • Document Top Strategic Priorities - “Define Success”
    • Document Top 3-5 Tactical Priorities (i.e., hard dates)
  • Deployment Approach
  • Training Resources and Tools
  • Support Structure
  • Account Management Approach
  • Critical Path Items
  • Lessons Learned


Document action items, distribute meeting minutes, open Jira project (link project to charter and SOW), create Jira tickets for integration projects that are in scope, schedule recurring project and integration meetings, update percentage complete and dates on project plan, work on finalizing project charter and the project plan, send out access to the database, and prepare for the subsequent meetings.

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