Interface Specifications

Please see the list below for a complete listing of all vendors/devices that we have integrated with. Any vendor/device not listed would need to be researched for compatibility with our product. Check out our additional documentation that explains how to send HL7 messages to us.

Standard Interfaces

Appointment Reminder Interfaces


Billing/Practice Management Interfaces

MIE supports bidirectional and unidirectional Practice Management systems using ADT (demographics), SIU (scheduling), and DFT (billing) HL7 (2.x) messages. Information about supported connection-types can be found here.

  • OpenPM (bi-directional) (Preferred)
  • ADP (Advanced MD) (non HL7 webservice)
  • Allscripts Ntierprise
  • CPSI
  • CRT Medical Systems (bi-directional)
  • e-ClinicalWorks
  • Encite
  • Epic (bi-directional)
  • GE Centricity
  • Groupcast
  • Health Nautica
  • Ideal
  • Kareo
  • Medevolve
  • Medic version 7.10a
  • MediSys
  • Meditech (to RIS)
  • McKesson HBOC/STAR
  • Med Synergies
  • Medical Manager
  • Medtopia
  • MHIN (Michiana Health Information Network)
  • Misys Tiger version 9.10.1
  • Net Practice Noteworthy
  • NextGen
  • NoviaPWR (practice management and EMR)
  • Novo
  • Pegasus
  • Perfect Bytes
  • PDS Cortex
  • Professional Medical Billing
  • TriMed


DICOM/PACS (Andy/Tom to review)

  • Carestream PACS
  • CPSI
  • Epic
  • GE PACS (ImageCast)
  • GE Xeleris
  • Infinitt (PACS, Reports only)
  • Kodak PACS
  • McKesson PACS
  • Nuance Powerscribe
  • Philips iSite

Eligibility Interfaces

  • Availity
  • Surescripts Advanced
  • ZirMed

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Interfaces

  • Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) – Medicare and Medicaid processing in 28 states
  • CRISP HIE (State of Maryland)
  • Docs4Docs Regenstrief uni-directional (State of Indiana) from D4D into WebChart
  • GLHC
  • HealthBridge
  • HealthLINC
  • Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE/INPC) uni-directional from WebChart to IHIE
  • Indiana Med-Web Regional Health Information Exchange
  • KHIN
  • KyHIE
  • MHIA-HIE Michigan Interface bi-directional
  • Michigan Health Connect (MHC) uni-directional
    • Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) CCD Referral Documents thru MHC
  • Michiana Health Information Network (MHIN)
  • Wait Time Information System (WTIS) Level 2 Surgery (OR) Specification Outbound to Canadian Ministry
  • Xerox (State of Wyoming HIE bi-directional and Kentucky uni-directional)

State Immunization Registries

Our preferred methods of transport are HTTP Post and MLLP (secure socket communication). We can also support (but prefer not to) sFTP, SCP, and FTPs connection for unidirectional messaging.

  • Alabama ImmPrint bi-directional HL7 via HTTPS
  • Alaska thru Scientific Technologies Corp (STC)
  • Arizona thru Scientific Technologies Corp (STC)
  • California CAIR unidirectional (bidirectional is possible, but no clients have requested)
  • Florida Shots (unidirectional nightly FTP to send matching injections)
  • Georgia GRITS uni-directional HL7 via HTTPS
  • Hawaii HIR uni-directional
  • Idaho thru Scientific Technologies Corp (STC)
  • Illinois I-Care (bi-directional via sFTP)
  • Indiana Children’s Healthcare Immunization Registry Program (CHIRP) bi-directional HL7 via HTTPS
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana thru Scientific Technologies Corp (STC)
  • Maryland MDHD Crisp Immunization or ImmuNet
  • Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS) via HTTPS
  • Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) Immunization Registry (uni-directional HL7 via HTTPS)
  • Mississippi thru Scientific Technologies Corp (STC)
  • Missouri Immunization Registry
  • Montana Immunization Program
  • New Jersey Immunization Information System (NJIIS) (unidirectional via nightly sFTP)
  • New York City (CIR)
  • New York State (NYSIIS)
  • North Carolina (CVMS) - in the queue but not started
  • Ohio Immunization Registry (ImpactSIIS)
  • Oklahoma - in progress
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee (TENNIIS) (unidirectional)
  • Texas - in the pipeline
  • West Virginia thru Scientific Technologies Corp (STC)
  • Washington State thru Scientific Technologies Corp (STC)
  • Wyoming Immunization Registry (WYIIS) bi-directional HL7 via ACS HIE
  • Most registries managed by STC will interface with WebChart.
  • Nationwide Immunization Gateway Initiative with STC

Hospital Systems

  • Beaumont Hospital (results only)
  • Botsford Hospital (results only)
  • Cameron Hospital (results only)
  • St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Oakland, MI - Lab, Radiology, and Reports/Consults
  • Lutheran Hospital (results only)
  • Memorial Hospital of Sandusky County - (results only) Paragon Labs/SunQuest
  • Parkview Hospital (results only)
  • St. Dominic’s Hospital (results only)
  • St. Francis Hospital (results only)
  • Terneuzen Hospital (results only)

HR Systems

  • ADP
  • Concentra HR
  • GDW
  • Kronos
  • Peoplecore
  • Oracle GHRIS Peoplesoft v9.1
  • Peoplefluent - previously known as PeopleClick
  • SAD
  • SAP
  • Spillman
  • Stanford Registry
  • Ultipro
  • Workday

Lab System Interfaces

  • Quest Diagnostics (Certified Bi-directional orders and results)
  • American Esoteric Laboratories (a.k.a. AEL) (Bi-Directional)
  • AP Easy (results only)
  • Atlas Medical also known as iON
  • Assistant Pro (Urine Drug Screen results only)
  • Atherotech Lab Interface (Results only)
  • Avero
  • BasisDX (Bi-Directional)
  • Beaumont Lab Interface (Results only)
  • BioReference Laboratories (GenPath is owned by BioReference) (Results Only)
  • Biotech Lab Interface (Bi-Directional)
  • CareAlign Lab (results only)
  • CareEvolve (Bi-Directional) (an ELLKAY company)
  • Central States Lab
  • Cerner
  • Color Lab (Bi-Directional)
  • Crown Lab (Bi-Directional)
  • Cyberlab (Bi-Directional)
  • Dominion Diagnostics (results only)
  • Exact Sciences (Bi-Directional)
  • Fort Wayne Med Lab (results only)
  • Fulgent (Bi-Directional)
  • IMD Path (Bi-Directional)
  • iON also known as Atlas Medical
  • LabCorp (Client-Bill bi-directional orders and results)
  • Lutheran Hospital Lab/Path (results only)
  • MD State Lab (bi-directional orders and results)
  • Medical Diagnostics Laboratory - A OB-GYN specialty lab (Bi-directional)
  • Meditech Lab Interface (Results only)
  • Med Labs of Arkansas (bi-directional orders and results-including pathology)
  • Orchard Lab
  • Paragon_Atlas Labs (results only)
  • Parkview Hospital Lab/Path-Soft Lab Inbound
  • Parkview Lab Outbound
  • Path Labs
  • Progenity
  • QuadMed Lab (results only)
  • Regional West Lab Interface
  • St. Dominic’s Hospital Lab (results only)
  • Satellite Laboratory Services
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center – UNMC (bi-directional orders and results)

Outbound CCD Transmission

  • SIPAK - Wellcentive (CCOK - using xds.b / autoroute)

Med/RX System Interfaces

  • Allscripts (we have no HL7, but can do a conversion of existing data)
  • Emdeon Medication Import
  • FirstDataBank
  • InstyMeds
  • RxNT
  • SureScripts
  • VitalPath (ADT and SIU, Unidirectional: WebChart to VitalPath)

Patient Education

  • Ergonomic Scoring
  • Healthwise
  • Insignia PAM Scoring
  • MedStat PSS4 Scoring

Personal Health Records

  • Google Health
  • Microsoft Health Vault
  • NoMoreClipboard

Scanning/Indexing Services

  • Imaging Documents - Contact: Beth Shrader phone: 260-341-8919 Email: (Nationwide)
  • Innovative Scan Technologies
  • Smart Document Solutions

Transcription Interfaces

  • BlueWare
  • Emdat (receive TEXT documents)
  • Inscribe - Partners in Practice
  • Lutheran Hospital
  • Medical Review of Illinois
  • Parkview Hospital
  • St. Dominics Hospital

Transcription Services

  • AccuMed
  • CareCast (Transcription)
  • Fort Wayne Transcription
  • Inscribe - Partners in Practice
  • Logician
  • Medical Review of Illinois
  • TransText

Worker’s Compensation

  • AmTrust
  • Brentwood
  • Disney CARS (a Disney system)
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Sedgewick in progress
  • Zurich
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