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Subject: Reminder to Schedule Appointment Within 15 Days for Frederick J Anderson

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Reminder to Schedule Appointment Within 15 Days

RE: Frederick J Anderson

This is a reminder that your employee Frederick J Anderson is due to complete their regulated/certification testing at this time. According to our records, they have not yet scheduled an appointment to complete this testing.

To remain in compliance with the regulatory/compliance testing listed below, the employee must be scheduled for and/or completed this testing within the next 15 days.

Please note that he/she has also been sent a reminder to schedule/complete this testing within 15 days. If for some reason he/she is unable to complete this testing on time, or if he/she is no longer required to complete this testing, please notify Health Services directly.

At your earliest convenience, please have the employee contact Health Services to schedule their appointment.

Frederick J Anderson is currently due for the following:

Blood Pressure Check

If you have any additional questions regarding this notification, please contact Health Services.

We thank you for your cooperation.

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