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Out-of-the-Box Urls

The following URLs have been compiled to assist with any implementation efforts which may call for a list of friendly domains, which … Encounter: Patient Portal → Other Health Resources website URLs (in the info cards) are OOTB for: Mayo

SAML-Based Single Sign-On

to the SSO login page to access the system, accordingly. The following document provides details and considerations for using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based single sign-on (SSO) with the systems. currently supports SAML 2.0 SP-initiated or IDP-initiated

Base Configuration

Purpose Cover the System Configuration Review Session to gather necessary information and identify any gaps. Objective Review the standard workflows and gather information needed for system setup and base system configuration. Agenda - 2 Hours System Configuration

BE 12 - Use Evidence-based Decision Aids to Support Shared Decision-making

Activity Weighting: Medium Subcategory Name: Beneficiary Engagement Description: Use evidence-based decision aids to support shared … -based decision aids to support shared decision-making with beneficiary. Resources 2018 Improvement Activities Requirements

BE 16 - Evidenced-based Techniques to Promote Self-management into Usual Care

Activity Weighting: Medium Subcategory Name: Beneficiary Engagement Description: Incorporate evidence-based techniques to promote … or motivational interviewing. Supporting Documentation Documented evidence-based techniques to promote self-management into usual care

Single Sign-On Login Trust

SAML-based SSO documentation. -Provided Metadata is able to publish it's SAML SP metadata in three ways: an Internet URL, a file … variables be passed as part of the URL instead of as CGI variables to the URL. This is not common. Put a link to the domain on the login page

ADFS 3.0 Configuration for SSO

-17-36.png Click Next - Do not change any settings on this page. image2019-3-14_14-18-18.png Edit Claim Rules In the AD FS MMC, expand … down menu. Enter the ADFS server sign-out URL in the Trusted URL field. The default URL is: https://[SERVER_FQDN]/adfs/ls/?wa

Applicant Portal

With the web-based Applicant Portal, all prospective employees can be directed to the portal URL for completing forms … this tab, as well, which will be appended to the production database base URL and distributed for use. Tasking: It is important to discuss

Device Interface - NDD EasyOne Connect vbase

. For EHR URL, enter the SYSTEM URL as seen in a web browser, starting with https:// and ending with .cgi . Omit any page-specific parts … a plugin system that EMR vendors can use to provide bi-directional connectivity. Based on the Due List, SYSTEM can provide the NDD software

Single Sign-On (SSO)

configured, users are redirected to a SSO login page to access the appropriate system(s), accordingly. There are differences in the SSO setup … methods of SSO use a common editor for configuring the system to accept SSO requests. provides a SAML-based SSO application program

Application Programming Interface (API)

?login_user=USERNAME&login_passwd=PASSWORD Python example: out = urllib2.urlopen(URL, urllib.urlencode({ 'login_user': USERNAME, 'login_passwd … /patients/LIKE_last_name=Hart', 'Last Name LIKE "Pregnant"': 'GET/db/patients/LIKE_last_name=Pregnan', } for title, url

On-Premise Deployment

or cluster. A URL for each instance (aka handle) uniquely identifies each instance … . image2019-1-4_14-15-41.png Minimum Hardware Requirement Hardware requirements vary greatly based on a variety of factors including

Review Session - Portal Management

from this tab, which will be appended to the production database base URL and distributed for use. Tasking: It is important to discuss … ’ restrictions, lost time, work status, or any additional information custom to the business needs. The web-based portals are available 24/7

Review Session - System Administration

, for example. With role-based access control, the system administrator can easily allow or limit access to provider schedules, PHI … using the tools of the System Administration module. Custom reports can be created based on chart name, document ID, date, user

Fast Task Templates

any user then to grab and work the reply or forwarded task, instead of waiting on one specific indivdual. URL: leave blank. MIE would … in the ‘notes’ field of the fast task when users create this fast task or when system automatically sends the fast task if based

Data Import Standards

questions. MIE Notes - Open for MIE use to document questions. MIE Wiki Link - URL to MIE Wiki page with related information. MIE Legacy Field … is required based on conditions defined in spec. Include details for conditionally required data in this column as needed. Descriptio

Review Session - Injection/Immunization Management

window or browser tab. After the page loads, simply click on the URL, adding &implement to the end. Once finished, hit the Enter key … throughout the system are the quick links, typically seen at the top of a page. The Injection/Immunization module is no exception

CCDA, CCD and CCR Compatibility

Numbers telecom use="HP","WP",etc telephone - value/type 100% Email telecom value='mailto: Email/URL 100% Gender genderCode Gender 100 … "R#" codes in the race field. We have functionality that returns the proper XXXX-X code from the rxdb_v1 race/ethnicity table based

Activity Log Report

computer screen. At the top of the new window that opened up on your computer, type in a question mark ? at the end of the url that shows … . components_reports_activity_log_media_12.png When the cgi string is pasted in the url (don’t forget the ? question mark) then hit ENTER o

Patient Portal Setup

the default logo. The page will refresh after confirming the image selection. Features Enable Patient Portal: Select to enable patient … of the portal URL address. Once the default portal system setting is configured with the appropriate Pat ID, clinic users will generate

HL7 - RESTful

login_passwd Password assigned to your posting account R p@ssw0rd Sample Webform Post <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="POSTING-URL" enctype … ='submit' value='Submit'> </FORM> Sample Bash Script #!/bin/bash if [ $# -lt 5 ]; then echo Usage: $0 interface message user password url exit

Setup Custom Pharmacy

and direct it to another url. Practices that have this ‘machine-like medication dispensing machine’, would have MIE add an in-house … that are sent to SureScripts. We send those messages to a different URL than SureScripts so that it goes to the dispensing machine instead

CC 17 - Patient Navigator Program

-based resources and tools to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions, utilizing a patient-centered and team-based approach, leveraging evidence-based best practices to improve care for patients by making hospitalizations less stressful, and the recovery period more

High-level Demonstration for Core Team

. The demonstration shall elaborate on the base standard of the system, so that information gathering and gap analysis can take place, allowing for an informed and smooth implementation. Objective Provide a basic introduction of the base standard of the system, showing

Review Session - Work-Related Exams

corresponding to rules-based health surveillance programs, configuration of necessary panel(s) and action items be heavily considered … -placement/applicant workflows from an established portal. For example, the portal can be set up with a specific URL that is distributed