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Making a dent in healthcare begins with believing you can make a difference. That the work you do, your company does, is a piece of the larger solution. That the time you spend – from coding to selling – is founded on purity of purpose and driven by a greater good.

AcadeMIE is a gathering of MIE employees and partners who passionately believe better software leads to better doctors, better nurses, better patients – and a better world.

Training Showcase

Some of the featured trainings from AcadeMIE include:

Encounters (slides)

Presentation (00:44:50)

Document Management, Forms Library (slides)

Presentation (00:28:48)

Orders, Flowsheets, Medical Codify, Procedures (slides)

Presentation (00:27:20)

EOs/POs/Locations (slides)

Presentation (00:24:28)

Health Surveillance & Reports (slides)

Presentation (01:01:23)

Portals (slides)

Presentation (00:35:37)

Injury/Illness, OSHA Reports (slides)

Presentation (01:13:17)

Scheduled Jobs (slides)

Presentation (00:08:56)

Reports - DataVis, Grid, Pivot Tables (slides)

Presentation (00:38:04)

Quality, Wellness Measures (slides)

Quality Reporting (1:00:53)

Endorsed Measures (00:11:48)